What Is The Future Of Digital Marketing?

According to Saher Ghattas, Chief Revenue Officer at Flawless Inbound, the world is today entering what we call the fourth digital marketing framework, also known as “Digital Marketing 4.0”. At this stage, DM no longer relies on simple traditional approaches such as websites, e-mail marketing, or social media platforms. It has taken a critical turn as it focuses more on leading an effective and fruitful conversion and a proper online lead qualification. It is a logical follow-up since the mission of marketing itself has evolved from the action of selling products into finding different ways to promote smartly without showing your real intent.

We highlighted a few of what we think are the main steps to follow in order to achieve successful results:

1- Combining inbound and outbound marketing to create a more Integrated Global Marketing that will allow crafting a more profound relationship with the audience.

2- A correctly designed and integrated marketing technology infrastructure that includes the entire stack of CRM tools combined with impeccable design skills.

3- Crafting an Omnichannel marketing strategy: the complexity of using multiple channels opens up opportunities to reach potential customers and adds tremendous value when it comes to increasing the brand value.

4- Improving access to your digital content and providing more interaction with your audience. Engaging with your content is a key driver of audience growth.

Today, the Internet offers more than 130 trillion pages, which ultimately makes it a very competitive market, but building a powerful and well-structured digital marketing engine can be the key to overcome competition.

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